Overview About Smartphone Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a set of techniques and formats to promote products and services through smartphones. This new aspect of marketing has been the result of the boom in smartphones and its great capabilities as a way to attract and retain customers. Therefore, it has become essential to redefine and create new relationships with your customers to get good results.

Smartphone Marketing platforms

Smartphones have added numerous advantages that have triggered the possibilities of Mobile Marketing; geolocation, personalization, internet access, email marketing, mobile applications, storage Passbook coupons, geolocalized Push notifications, etc.

Types of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

There are many actions of Mobile Marketing, and thus a question arises what is the best method of Mobile Marketing for your business? Consider some of the most commonly used:

Mobile Passbook – It is quite new and increasingly becoming popular. This is a mobile application to store discount coupons, event tickets, travel tickets, etc. It is native to Apple iPhone but also has its counterpart in Android (Passwallet, Pass2U, etc.). The advantages? There is no need print any document. They are always available on smartphones with geolocation. When a consumer passes near a business where he has a coupon, there will be a notification that the consumer has a coupon for that store. It’s a revolutionary method that encourages sales.

SMS – The advantage is its immediacy and impact for its high percentage of reading. No need for internet connection or a smartphone. Therefore, it is a very efficient method.

E-mail – The number of emails being opened in smartphones has increased by 78%.  One of the advantages of email is it is useful in a marketing campaign because of the information it provides. That platform provides an analysis of the percentage of openings, number of clicks on the links available, etc.

It is amazing how a used to be a simple device has become so complex that they are now a significant platform for marketing. Mobile applications. Promote the image of business innovation. Also, improve efficiency, reduce costs, promote sales and provide visibility.

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