How much do SEO Services cost for Small Businesses?

The importance of Search Engine Optimization to small businesses is unquestionable, and it has been proven a lot of times. The question now is, what is the average cost of seo for small business?

Always remember that there is no standard or fixed price for SEO. Different factors such as firm size, market competition, kind of project – long-term or temporary, affects the pricing. That is why it is up to the business owners to decide how much are they willing to spend on their SEO project.

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SEO will help your small business grow by efficiently utilizing search engines. 

Each SEO companies have different rates from one another. The higher the level of expertise, the higher the price. Take note that most companies do not publicly share their costs, but instead prospective clients need to contact them to get an estimate. Fortunately, many SEO companies offer a free quotation.

As you do your SEO searching, you will observe that there are usually four basic pricing models for SEO services.

1. Monthly Retainers

If you are already confident with the company that you will be working with, then choose this type of SEO service. Monthly SEO services lean toward long-term partnerships, and most companies settle on this service if they need to outsource SEO completely. However, you need to be 100% certain that you are working with the correct SEO company. Because most of them lock in six months of service with the client so, if you get stuck with a wrong one, then you are wasting time and money.

The most common price for monthly retainers extends from $500 to $1500. Again, the price may rise and fall depending on the requirements of your business.

2. Contract Services

This kind of pricing model is the best for companies who are still indecisive about getting a monthly service. You are going to select the services that you need, and the SEO company will give you a quote.

Contract Services have a start and end date, unlike with monthly retainer who has none. With a monthly retainer, you keep continuing the service until you decide that you don"t want to use them anymore. It a contract service, the termination date cannot be changed.

Contract Services rates vary depending on the kind of services that you need. Typically, it ranges from $5000 – $30,000, almost similar to project-based rates.

3. Project-based

Project-based puts more emphasis on one specific project. For example, you need five relevant articles for the launching of your blog. These are very particular projects, and the pricing is determined by the kind of service you will avail.

According to a 2011 survey by, most SEO companies offer project-based pricing. The cost for Project-based service can range from $5,000 to $30,000.

4. Per Hour Services

Some experts work as consultants and freelancers. They generally charged anywhere from $100 to $300 per hour.

You will create a contract in advance to see how many hours are needed to finish the project. At the end of the month or project, they will give you a report on how much they worked, and you will pay them according to the agreed hourly rate.

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What is the best SEO for small businesses?

After you learned how much SEO usually costs, you might think that it is not a practical marketing strategy for your business. After all, an additional $500 to $2000 investment is already a considerable outlay for small businesses. So, how can you efficiently utilize SEO while keeping within your budget?

The answer is local SEO.

As a small business, most of your target audience is presumably local customers. Local SEO helps your business to link with customers that lives within your area. Local SEO works best for small business, and it is much cheaper too compared to regular SEO.

How to find the Right Local SEO Company For You

Once you decided the needs of your business, search for a local Tampa SEO expert who is available for face to face meetings, as they are precisely aware and educated about the industry needs in your area. You may also want to look whether the company has broad expertise, and has a good reputation.

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